• On the Count of Three

    On the Count of Three


    gotta sit w this one but there’s a lot of beauty here

  • Ghosts of Mars

    Ghosts of Mars


    hell of a lot of atmosphere and personality and fun, much more so than the seeming consensus suggests. wonderfully hallucinatory grindhouse shit.

  • Metallica: Some Kind Of Monster

    Metallica: Some Kind Of Monster


    a documentary on why people who say “i only fuck with the demo through first/second album” are (almost) always right. you either break up when it’s right and move on with your life or you become bloated millionaires ripping the worst helmet riffs because you will never be better than the shit you invented when you were 22 and still had acne.

    really long to get to that conclusion tho, there’s some gold here or there but the basic point is reached as soon as you see hetfield in his dumb ass hot rod.

  • JFK



    maybe the best piece of left-liberal propaganda ever made and a genuinely important troubling of the historical narrative towards an anti-imperialist analysis, unfortunately only made possible because no one takes stone seriously.

  • Mars Attacks!

    Mars Attacks!


    there are some fun moments (jim brown and his kids, the brosnan/parker romance thing) but i’m surprised at how bored i was. only really gets the tone it needed throughout in the last 45 minutes and felt like it should’ve been so much more over the top as a whole.

  • De Palma

    De Palma


    seen this three times now, there’s something so enjoyable about depalma’s storytelling and you come away watching to watch everything the man’s ever done

  • Kindergarten Cop

    Kindergarten Cop


    richard tyson should’ve gotten more work

  • The Truman Show

    The Truman Show


    unsettling and deeply disturbing

  • Matilda



    they really don’t make ‘em like this anymore. there’s just so much joy and originality in the filmmaking as there is honesty in how brutal it can be to be a child. never condescends or winks to an adult audience, just presents its world as it is. as fun to watch now as when i was a little kid.

  • House of Gucci

    House of Gucci


    no reason i’ll ever watch this again but entertaining enough. i would watch a film entirely comprised of leto and pacino’s characters rambling around.

  • Scream



    can’t believe how much better this was than what i’d remembered; holds up.

  • Jackass Forever

    Jackass Forever


    can’t QUITE match my nostalgia for the rest but gets an extra star bc i saw it in a packed theater and that made all the difference