Thief ★★★★

this is one that’s gonna stick with me and i’m already liking more the more i think about it. ESPECIALLY the less you think about the movie as a heist movie, which i kind of went in with, instead as a character study. frank is one of the most incredibly compelling characters i’ve seen, and there’s no other movie i’ve seen that really gets into that archetype’s psychology so perfectly.

it’s interesting too bc mann actually tries this again, to a degree (maybe i’m oversimplifying), in heat, and while i love that movie and it is trying to do other things than focus on the singular deniro character, in what he does do he can’t at all evoke the brutality of that existence as well as he does here. this is not to diminish that but to consider this as a great companion piece that largely exceeds the pinnacle of mann’s career in terms of performance and raw feeling (if not in overall aesthetic, sweep, scope, whatever).

definitely one i’ll be revisiting and will like even more with time