Chungking Express

Chungking Express ★★★★

Okay, I kinda loved this movie, it's a really cool movie and it manages to develop the characters really well. However, I had some issues with the movie, specifically in the story

A lot of people say the film is uninteresting, which I disagree with, as I found the film very engaging. My problem with the movie was definitely in the second story, which I found kind of confusing, including the ending of it, which was the ending of the movie itself, and there was a moment in the second story that was really stupid, and I think whoever has seen it the movie knows that moment. But the first story is perfect, I loved it.

My final opinion on Chungking Express: I loved the first story, I liked the second story but it has its flaws, but I understand who says this movie is a masterpiece and I think it deserves all the value it gets

Final Rating: High 4

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