Tombstone ★★★½

I was not expecting to enjoy this film at all. Five-star cast or not (whatever happened to Michael Biehn?). It's still a western and a modern western at that. The good guys are heroic and honest and the bad guys are drunk and cruel. And that does not change here. None of the characters any real depth beyond what the story tells them to do.

Still, the screenplay for Tombstone is quality. The interaction between especially Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday more than makes up for the slights that Powers Booth exudes. I mean, with his stupid evil chuckle and his oiled up mustache, his name might as well be "Black Bart".

Although more attention should have been given to then Vendetta Ride, instead of just a series of kill shots, there was ample dollars thrown at the set design throughout the city of Tombstone. It makes for a greater film experience than just this simple story. Whose ending you know before you start.

(FYI- just looked. Biehn's got TEN movies slated for 2014 release)

Part of my 1993 list.

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