The Viewing

The Viewing ★★★★½

The Viewing was the opposite of the last one I watched (Pickman's Model). The end was good, but man, that buildup was phenomenal.

The variety of the characters and the look and sound of this was pure fun. Loved the 70's feel, and the grainy look of the film stock, and that sweet music that was both old-fashioned but current at the same time. Pure Panos.

And the actors! I enjoyed the seeing these actors in this environment, and each of their own snobby attitudes towards everything happening. But the best was Peter Weller. He has always been stoic and impressive, and I can always imagine him as Robo, but his voice had me ENTRANCED! Demanding undivided attention, his static but booming voice had me glued to the screen.

"I have seen things that will make you shit your brain, kemosabe."

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