The Skywalk Is Gone

The Skywalk Is Gone

The Skywalk is Gone >>>> Kimi No Nawa

[Metro Manila, Philippines]

I used to think that Skywalks are the epitome of people's loss of space. Urbanization has finally succeeded over us. The buildings have taken over. And we can't even stay on sidewalks or cross the streets to our heart's content because they are already owned by someone else: a corporation, a mall, the government.

But then Skywalks became the new spaces for the public. A place for vendors to sell goods (like Hsiao-Kang and his watches); a spot for lovers to share sweet moments together; a meeting place for friends and colleagues; and, a space for loners like me, to observe the big bad city from a higher perspective.

A space to feel one with the sky. And to feel more powerful than the cars, the buildings, the billboards, and everything that is suffocating.

Like Shiang-chyi, I'd be brokenhearted too if all the skywalks are all gone.