Logan ★★★★

I'm so impressed that the finest X-MEN movie is finally one that centers wholly on the awesome presence that is Hugh Jackman. Lord knows he's been in dire need of a quality super flick since his career took off in the year 2000. James Mangold has always been a filmmaker whose films were intriguing enough to keep my interest and never wholly disappointing where I knew he hadn't been the cause (Silver Samurai, cough).

This here is the stoic grandeur and necessary brutality that The Wolverine has deserved for oh so long. And I am so glad they didn't just adapt Millar's Old Man Logan straight, because that material has more than enough problems to go around, least of which the amount of characters that FOX most likely couldn't afford to licence on the promise of one previously successful Hard-R Super flick. Old Logan is a broken man, harboring equally battered companions in Laura, Caliban, and Charles. Sir Pat Stew is luminous in the culmination of his tenure in the role of the former professor, with a biting tongue that lashes out against his impending senility and his frivolous caretaker. Stephen Merchant is also great as the tortured Caliban. I'm glad to see my fave X-girl X-23 make it to the big screen. Maybe we'll see more of her down the line?

Support this movie. We want more quality items like this, FOX.

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