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  • Maciste in Hell

    Maciste in Hell


    Hoop-Tober Nein, Grave #25
    > Music Box of Horrors 1/2

    Maxx McGathey and his band of misfit maestroes absolutely owned this screening at the Music Box of Horrors Opening Film. Their Metal-jazz fusion arrangements were great, amping the hell up once it all goes to... well, HELL. Love me some Chaotic Good Gaston going all Heavy attack spam on those damn devils. And the sets were just phenomenal. No wonder Fellini was inspired after this.

    Hoop-Tober's Goin' to Hell and Fast

  • Barefoot Gen

    Barefoot Gen


    I knew what this was building towards going in.

    I've known for years. The central setpiece has made the rounds on YouTube since before 720p was an option on there.

    I still choked during the bombing. I sat in silence as my spine stiffened and my breath ceased for almost 3 minutes. I cried as a result of the pure gut churning horror that was served to me on my choice of viewing pleasure this day.

    There is no reasonable…

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  • Alakazam the Great!

    Alakazam the Great!


    Movie's cute, very reminiscent of early Disney.

    Fuck the Medveds.

    *for those missing context, the Medved Bros., the ppl who invented the Razzies, reviewed this in their book the Golden Turkey Awards, using the Hard R word to describe the animation style. Speaking plainly, I was not impressed, and watched this out of spite for them and their piss poor choices.

  • BlackBerry



    Corporate biopics are here now, eh?

    Well I'm glad Sungwon got paid.

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  • Snoopy, Come Home

    Snoopy, Come Home


    Mi madre told me that if the girlfriend didn't like this movie, it isn't meant to be.

  • Giant



    In many ways the anti-Gone with the Wind of the Hollywood epics. Similar situation and concepts, but far different approaches. This film actually addresses the racism that GWTW wouldn't dare touch due to the racial atmosphere at the time, though Civil Rights still had a ways to go when this was released.

    I really admired the arc that Rock Hudson's character had, actually making me care for him as a performer for the first time. Liz Taylor is luminary as always. And James Dean's metamorphosis from rough edged ranch hand to drunkenly Howard Hughes archetype was certainly something to behold au cinema.