M3GAN ★★★½

2023 Ranked

M3GAN was largely the movie I expected it to be - campy horror paired with fun humour. However, it also had an emotional edge that I didn’t expect, and I appreciated the way it attempted to explore grief, attachment, connection and even screen time. It plays it safe with the horror which was quite a shame, as I would’ve loved a few more kills and gory moments, yet it has its fair share of creepy scenes and M3GAN has a disturbing aura about her that translates every time she is on screen. Some of the music choices were so great and had me laughing, and the final act was a whirlwind of fun that ending in a satisfying way. The performances were great; I always love Allison Williams, particularly in horror, young Violet McGraw was excellent as ever and Jenna Davis’ voice acting for our titular character worked a treat. This movie doesn’t take itself too seriously, and whilst it’s premise isn’t unique, it feels like a fresh and fun experience that’s worth the cinema trip. 

I must admit that I wanted a little more from every element - more horror, deeper exploration into its themes, and I wish things got slightly more batshit crazy than they actually did. All the best bits are shown within the trailer.

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