Serpico ★★★★

Blue life matter! 

(he’s so fucking hot it’s ridiculous the passion and frustration he feels trying to deal wit all da corruption is the same passion and frustration I feel when I think about my simple need to touch his face and body) 

when Al dance I scream

Favorite line reading: “Anuhda guuuuy we gottAnuhdah guyy heeyaaa”
 (“another guy, we got another guy here)

Line that also explains how I feel about Al Pacino: “woww....amAZINGg... DYNamite bYOOTIful .....DYYYYNaMIITE”

Animals Al Pacino touches tenderly in a way that makes me believe he would be a great father to our wonderful medium sized children (medium because I tall he small): sheep dog puppy, grown up sheep dog, tiny mouse, cockatoo