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  • Stalker
  • Himizu
  • Throw Away Your Books, Rally in the Streets
  • Pierrot le Fou

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  • Tokyo Noise

  • Beats of the Heart: Roots Rock Reggae

  • Sorry to Bother You


  • Coraline


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  • Munyurangabo



    the last 30 minutes of this movie is beyond powerful, it is a cinematic triumph. not because of its cinematic technicality or anything, but, because of its pure power of healing through cinema.

    there is something magical about cinema and its ability to connect people. there is a minutes long take of a poem -a beautiful one- being delivered to the people, us. even though it is a shout to rwanda and its people, it is actually about all the…

  • Maborosi



    there is a constant feeling of burden in this movie, it lingers and lingers and only relieves when children are in the scene. children that are not haunted by their pasts, yet.

    remembering is both a curse and a blessing. the nostalgia maborosi's cinematography carries really struck me. every shot is composed so well, it feels like a poem. a poem that is written for someone that is no longer in your life. grateful yet confused. still yet longing.


Popular reviews

  • Himizu



    bu filmden daha çok bağ kurduğum bir film daha yok sanırım ya, yine hüngür hüngür ağladım. sion sono'nun gençlerin öfkesini bu kadar iyi anlayıp kameraya yansıtması gerçekten olağanüstü bir şey, o kadar dolu bir film ki gerçekten her sahnesinde vereceği mesajı daha da güçlendiriyor, giren her yan karakter anlatılmak isteneni destekliyor. her şeyini kaybetmiş iki genç karakterin biri tamamen gerçekliği ve etrafındakileri reddederken diğer karakterin elinden gelen her şeyi yaparak diğeri ile birlikte kendini bu çukurdan çıkarmaya çalışması harika bir…

  • Long Day's Journey Into Night

    Long Day's Journey Into Night


    the movie ended and i just sat there for 20 minutes. unable to think, just in awe of the memories i experienced, though they might not even be real nor mine. staring into the credits, trying to comprehend everything i've seen, i came to realize i could never comprehend those feelings clearly. it was one of the most beautiful things i've ever watched. i'm sure of that.

    a long lost love, never forgotten, always lingering in your mind. still something…