Roma ★★★★

so like this reminds me of when my rich uncle every now and again takes me out to a fancy restaurant, and i go, and the menu is so out of my range they don't even have prices on it, and there's an assortment of wild looking meals, and i eat weird french food, and because my uncle SAYS it's good i am like mhmmmm even though i'm not sure what i'm eating and how it's supposed to taste and i ask myself, am i even eating this the right way? do i even have the refined palette to appreciate this properly? should i be enjoying this experience just as much as my uncle? or are we all just pretending it's incredible because the standards say that this weird french restaurant i'm sitting in right now is curated by a world renowned chef? but whenever he takes me out to these restaurants i stop thinking about this because either way i got a good meal out of it and now i'm not hungry anymore and i ate something other than the frozen trader joes scallion pancakes in my fridge rn

.... that's how i feel after watching roma (2018)

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