Shazam! Fury of the Gods

Shazam! Fury of the Gods ★★★★½

(IMAX)  7:30pm

After a few delays, the sequel to 2019’s SHAZAM! is finally out and I really enjoyed it. Zachary Levi nails as the title character, Jack Dylan Grazer is pretty good here, Asher Angel isn’t here for most of the movie, but his relationship with Freddie is so good and I felt the chemistry between the two characters. The other characters are really solid too, i really liked how there’s more screen time for the adult superheroes. The villains are
pretty solid. There’s something that’s brought up in the beginning with Billy and his mom, but never follows up on that, the pacing is pretty solid, it didn’t feel like it was going on for too long. 

The cameo at the end made me smile and bringing back the theme music is nice to hear, the post credit scene is hilarious and the end credit scene left me confused (I know it’s a continuation of the previous movie’s post credit scene, but what is the plan?) There’s this character switch with two of the villains, it didn’t work for me. 

Overall, a good enough superhero, action/comedy for the whole family that puts a smile on your face, yet in the grand scheme of the DC universe and superhero stuff as a whole it’s pretty generic and by the books, but still very fun and entertaining.

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