Zodiac ★★★★★

While it’d be conventional to discuss the filmmaking, acting and all that, the driving force behind the film is the true story itself.

Humans have a fascination with true crime stories. Not because we enjoy it, but out of a morbid curiosity and a sense of disbelief as to the evil that humans are capable of. We want to know the extent of the evil in people’s minds & their motives behind it. We want to see them get caught and learn about the process it takes to actually find these people.

This film taps right into all of that. And the actual investigation and mystery of the Zodiac Killer has been and always will be gripping. Zodiac’s letters, his apparent brilliance & entire psyche, the intense, bizarre, decades-long investigation, and having a damn good idea of who he was but never being entirely sure is why it’d be very difficult to make a film about the Zodiac Killer anything but gripping. The factual and procedural nature of the film is what drives it.

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