I Care a Lot

I Care a Lot ★★★★

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Watched via digital screener

J Blakeson brings such an exhilarating and colorful style to I Care a Lot that shows his growth as a filmmaker since his last directing job, 2016's horrible The 5th Wave. It's exceptionally paced and the editing feels seemless with the great dialogue. My only real complaint is that it's predictable, specifically the ending (which I could compare to a certain movie, but those who've seen that film would automatically have the ending to this one spoiled for them.)

Pike is the best she's been since Gone Girl, and her performance is remarkably enthralling. Wiest and Dinklage bring their characters (who'm are the villians of this story, but no one is a good person here) to life and are great, as well as Eiza González. A few things bothered me, but I think I Care a Lot is a really good film (that's admittedly not for everybody) and an absolute win for Netflix.

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