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  • Detention



    Part of Hoop-Tober 2022

    Movie #3: Taiwanese Film

    Originally, I had Whispering Corridors (from South Korea) as one of my foreign country films for Hoop-Tober. Still, after watching Detention, a Taiwanese movie based on the video game of the same name, I found it too interesting to not put a spotlight on this Hoop-Tober. Sorry Whispering COrridors, another time! Anyways, Detention, like the game is set during the White Terror period of Taiwan, a period I, unfortunately, do not know…

  • Komodo


    Part of Hoop-Tober 2022

    Movie #2: Australian FIlm (Barely)

    Komodo is a flaccid run-of-the-mill animal attack movie with hardly any bite, but a lot of venom! The only directorial foray for Michael Lantieri, who is promoted as being "the creator of the effects for Jurassic Park" on all the promotion material. You know....the guy who wasn't Stan Winston or Phil Tippett...Not to diss Lantieri, but it's just a weird way to promote a guy who was part of a very…

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  • The Cat in the Hat

    The Cat in the Hat


    Bo Welch's magnum opus, Le Chat au Chapeau (2003) also known as "The Cat in the Hat", is one of the most daring and experimental films Hollywood has crafted in the 2000's. Never have I seen a film attack childhood trauma this strongly as well as be a self-deconstructive satire on the Hollywood industry and bastardization of children's media. No one except Bo Welch, who had worked on the production design for films such as Ghostbusters II and Edward Scissorhands,…

  • Vincent



    Tim Burton was 24 years old,
    He was very polite and did what he was told,
    For a man his age he was creative and radiant,
    And this skill shows in his short film Vincent.

    A modern masterpiece of gothic art
    It's a tale that impales through the heart
    A passion filled tribute to a cult horror favorite
    Is oozing with imagination and loving spirit.

    It's short and sweet
    It's rather melancholic
    It's a timeless lesson
    To not be hyperbolic…