Another Round

Another Round ★★★★★

My 1,500th film of 2020 (I mistakenly logged Ammonite first but this is the one) and what a fitting one. After film watching, drinking has been a close second favorite activity this year, occupying a space in the majority of days, and this film captured the full experience of it to intoxicating effect. The necessity of drinking to break from the tedium of daily life even as it becomes its own routine was on full display as it wound through the hilarity and exuberance that can come from some nights on the drink, before the sobering depression it can also lead to, and eventually to an explosive ending that only makes sense from a certain frame of mind brought on by the previous hours and would certainly seem ridiculous to most onlookers. So many films about alcoholism seem to end by saying there’s no escape but quitting fully and all drinking is bad. I appreciate that this one found the balance and respected the complex role drinking can play in life. I think I’ll have a cider now.

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