Zack Snyder's Justice League

Zack Snyder's Justice League ★★★★½

I’m thrilled to report that The Snyder Cut is absolutely phenomenal & exceeded even my highest hopes. For a 4-hour film, it is paced beautifully & thoroughly engaging. The visuals & music are UNREAL. It’s the best film in the DCEU & Snyder’s crowning achievement.

What sets this film apart from MoS & BvS, is its perfect blend of darkness, humor. & emotion. Nothing feels like it outweighs the other & it feels exceptionally balanced. The character development is great, & - yeah - the weight of Cyborg’s story surprised me the most.

In terms of negatives, I have a couple minor ones. The biggest drawback for me is still Ezra Miller’s casting as the Flash. I will say that he’s much improved here and has some good moments, but his goofiness sometimes doesn’t land. Also, the museum scene with Wonder Woman that we saw in the theatrical cut is still a bit mid with much better effects. Also, don’t expect a ton of Darkseid...but when he’s there, HE’S THERE.

This is definitely not the end. With that ending, it can’t be. I have a feeling that the overall reception of this will be through the roof. Zack Snyder deserves it. Warner Brothers is going to be bombarded with #RestoreTheSnyderVerse, & - honestly - stick it to em.


Oh, and Joker DOESN’T dress up as Jesus or say “we live in a society”...thank god. That was just for the trailers/promo material.

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