Sword of Trust

Sword of Trust ★★★★½

Well this movie is absoutely delightful, great, wonderful and any other positive adjective you want to throw it's way. I love going into movies not know anything about it only to discover it's about a group trying to sell an antique sword to people who consider it proof that the South won the Civil War? 'What is this Antique Road Show for Racists?' is a brilliant droll sumsamation by Marc Maron as he's watching a 'Civil War Truther' discuss these objects online.

It's a perfected constructed movie that weaves, memory, mythology, storytelling, history and how people create their own their own truth and reality about well, the stories we tell ourselves. It's all about the tiny little patchworks that build themselves into the final quilt. Just like the casting and performances. Everyone is brilliant and has a little scene stealing moment where they are butting heads or soming together with the stories they tell one another. Even the two arseholes who are trying to steal the sword.

If I had gotten my act together and saw Sword of Trust at MIFF last year, it would have been one of my favourites of the year. But it's a wonderful discovery from a director I starting to like very very much.

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