Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman ★★★★

In the early Nineties there were three movies in heavy rotation that I would watch with my Mum and Sister. Dirty Dancing, Ghost and Pretty Woman. All of which gave me a very specifically wrong idea of what sex would be. In fact my Mother made the rare point to me that Pretty Woman was in no way reality.

Pretty Woman has not exactly aged well. And as much as I loved this movie when I was 10 - I don't have time for the whole My Fair Lady, 50 shades changing a woman bullshit. But I still love Pretty Woman. It is just sunshine and light. And it's not just Julia Roberts One Hundred Watt smile. It's the relationships with Roberts and Hector Elizondo and Laura San Giacomo, there's genuine warmth. And never will there be a more satisfying moment than Big Mistake. Big. Huge. I have a run in my pantyhose. She liked it more than the Pirate of Penzance.

Pretty Woman is a fairy tale - there is very little substance. It is more just watching charming people being charming. And invoking memories of me dancing around the living room to the Pretty Woman soundtrack over and over again.

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