Police Story

Police Story ★★★★

Jackie Chan is a huge blind spot for me. So taking a deep dive into the Police Story movies is going to be an education for than anything else.

I am 35 years late. But yes, Police Story is an Action Movie. There is so much Action, someone can never fall they have to fall through glass, or a table. Chan is constantly fulling it with business. Truely wonderful business, Chan with the phone, or his fight with a fake serial killer. Almost too much business, you want to put your hand on Chan's shoulder telling him it's okay you can slow down.

Jackie Chan is defintely one of the ancestors of the likes of Bustor Keaton. He is very aware of important movement and specticle is to cinema. The kicks and falls feel very real just as real as very single fall does. It's turely an audiacious movie, it starts with a car through a Shanty Town and Chan hanging off a double decker bus with an umbrella. And it never really stops from there.

Because it is all about the set pieces (and they are wonderful set pieces) it can feel a little choppy because you are swinging from moment to moment mood to mood. But it's pretty amazing. I mean the man slides down a electrified pole surrounded by breaking lights then he drops through a glass ceiling ontop a table. I mean come on!!!!

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