Knives Out

Knives Out ★★★★

I really liked this movie on the first watch, but I am now all in. I could just sit in the theatre without any preconcieved notions of what I think I thought the movie was going to be, a super meta commentary on the Who-Done-It, if you were actually interested. Now I can just enjoy the bombasity of the piece. I freaken adore how Johnson leans into the Who-Done-It- ness. The script is tight, there is a payoff to every moment, and I couldn't help marvel at how Johnson managed to juggle the different time lines, realities and possiblities that Knives Out contains. But as with the first watch, Ana de Armas owns this movie, she grounds it, gives the movie empathy which contrast with the insanity and over the top performances, or just Michael Shannon being weird in the back ground going on around her. I just want to keep throwing awards at her.

It's a movie, well crafted, everyone is on top of their game, I swear Toni Collette changes the way her face moves. It's just pure joy from start to finish.

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