Cure ★★★★½

The film works its way inside you the way very few others do, and I'm afraid it may do some permanent rewiring. In basic terms, it owes a lot to Seven and Silence of the Lambs but Kurosawa manages to surpass his influences to create something that is genuinely original and frankly very fucking disturbing.

The film's secret weapon is its style. Kurosawa's use of medium-length takes allows scenes to play out with a minimum of editing and camera moves and snatches away the cues and rhythms horror-fans are accustomed to looking for. That means his reveals have time to build, the flash cuts (when they come) hit extra hard and who will ever forget that ending? It's churlish to say it perhaps runs a touch too long; we get to see the magician's tricks a few too many times. But this is in the top rank of horror from any decade.

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