In the Heights

In the Heights ★★½

This movie is a lot of fun and has a lot going for it, but I personally wasn’t the biggest fan.

I think the biggest problem for me (outside of the runtime and pacing) is that the characters were so undercooked that I felt almost none of the emotional weight I was supposed to. I could definitely tell when I was supposed to cry but because the characters felt so underdeveloped, I didn’t feel any kind of chemistry between them which made it hard to resonate with any of them, and I instead was sympathizing with the scenarios these characters got into as opposed to the characters themselves. It also doesn’t help that a lot of the emotional scenes felt very unearned (even forced at times) on top of that.

However, take all that away and you still get a really fun and energetic musical that delivers on its promise of being colorful, charming and light hearted. I was personally a big fan of abuela’s song sequence, I absolutely loved that.

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