Nocturne ★★★★

A sophisticated and artsy Blumhouse movie?

Wait. That's illegal.

This was much more like a Darren Aronofsky or Ari Aster movie than a blumhouse one and I'm all for it.

A lot of other people are saying it and I'm gonna say it too because they're not wrong. This is like Whiplash and Black Swan. I was also reminded of recent European horror movies like Climax and Raw. Although it never quite reached that level of those other movies for me. Like our main character, the movie needed to just go for it. It needed a bit more of an edge.

I loved the tone, style, and overall vibe to this movie. Absolute grade A level poster. It's literally the only reason I watched it. I loved the score. It was electronic, ethereal, and foreboding.

If you like what I dub "popcorn horror" look elsewhere. This is more in line with what people have described as "elevated horror" I think? But that's a stupid and pretentious term. Just know this isn't Mercy Black.

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