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This review may contain spoilers.

this might be a cliche action movie but it has so so much of pixar’s heart. i think the lightyear team set out to make a movie that andy would’ve watched and loved as a young boy in the 90s and that’s exactly what this is and more. it retained all the tearjerking, emotional beats every good pixar movie has. 

this movie did a great job at being an original, fun movie while sticking so true to buzz as a character, while obviously evolving him into something past what the toy was.

zurg being an older buzz was my main dislike. it was kind of a boring plot point but that is also just part of the overall feel of it being an old cliche action movie, so i wasn’t too bothered. and they understandably changed the original “zurg is buzz’s dad” storyline, probably to avoid being too star wars-y. they did have a nod to that storyline though by having chris’ buzz say “dad?” upon seeing him. all the little moments that were so clearly meant for fans made me smile and didn’t feel like cheap fan service. 

all in all i think this movie is just a really fun watch for everyone and does exactly what it wanted to do while still being a pixar movie at its core.

ps. getting tim allen to play old buzz was a missed opportunity.

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