The Tragedy of Today

The Tragedy of Today ★★★★

Five people on Letterboxd have watched this. Five? Even though it's part of the Criterion Collection? Even though it's a pretty good crime thriller?

The Perfect Game is directed by 'one' of the directors of Tora! Tora! Tora! I haven't seen that one, but it seems like that is Toshio Masuda's only well known film. It's surprising, because I thought The Perfect Game was really well done.

The opening is terrific. We are introduced to the characters of the story, four lazy college students trying to think of ways to make some easy money. Soon they have a plot schemed, and we get to see them plan the details. Once we get to the execution there is a great deal of tension that has built.

It's no masterpiece, but this film definitely deserves to be seen.