Venom: Let There Be Carnage

Venom: Let There Be Carnage ★★★½

This movie is just pure popcorn trash but I love it. Ok, I wouldn't go that far but I still really enjoyed this movie. I would even consider it good but not by much. It certainly is an improvement over the first Venom but it still has a couple of big problems that keep me from loving this film. The story itself is very predictable, there are some really typical superhero movie cliches that bothered me, some of the humor doesn't work, and the length I thought was just a little too short. I'm not saying the film's 97-minute length isn't warranted but I would've liked to see a lot more regarding this film especially with some of the characters. Thankfully the film manages to work in the end because of so many aspects that really make the film worth seeing in my opinion. The cinematography is good, the musical score is solid, the direction from Andy Serkis is a lot better than Ruben Fleischer's in the first movie, the humor gets some really good laughs and can be really funny at points, the characters are entertaining, likable and a lot more fun this time around, the CGI and visual effects are much better and look pretty neat especially with the design of Carnage, there are some surprisingly effective emotional moments, the pacing is fantastic and not once was I ever bored, and the action scenes are intense, exciting, and really awesome to watch especially with much better CGI and effects. However, just like the first Venom movie the acting for me is what really did keep me enjoying this film. Woody Harrelson and Naomie Harris as the villains are just having the time of their life in this movie but both pass on that fun to the audience to make them very enjoyable bad guys and some of the standouts of the film. Some of the other returning faces from the first film also do a great job here like Michelle Williams and Reid Scott but the main standout of the whole film is of course Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock. Hardy still gives another fantastic performance in this film and the chemistry he has with Venom this time is even stronger than it was with the first film. The odd-couple relationship they have really does make the movie even more fun and entertaining to watch as well as delivering many great laughs. I also give credit to the film for really embracing its silly tone. In the first film, the tone was pretty unbalanced but here it's pretty much established that this movie wants to stick with a really silly and weird tone but I was ok with that because the movie totally embraces it. "Silly" is really the best way I can describe Venom: Let There Be Carnage. It is non-stop silly and dumb from beginning to end but if you accept that tone going in and just want to have some fun with another Venom movie then I think you will really enjoy this film. It's not made for critics. It's made for the fans of the first Venom and people who just love ridiculous and stupid movies but I enjoy a lot of those and this is another one of those films. I don't see you getting a lot out of it if you didn't enjoy the first Venom but I think you will at least like this one more than the first one. Absolutely check this one out in a theater if you get the chance. Also, stay for the mid-credits scene. I don't want to ruin it but I'll just say that it is both fucking amazing and exciting.

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