Spencer ★★★★½

Just to let you guys know that I will keep this review a bit shorter than most of my other ones because I'm really tired right now and I just don't feel like I can write a lot right now. Anyway, I finally got around to watching Spencer. Was supposed to watch this quite a while back but I never got around to it. So glad that I did now and as everyone's been saying the movie is really good. Kristen Stewart is absolutely wonderful in her role as Princess Diana and completely disappears into the role. She is the best part of the entire movie and I would be really happy if she grabs that Oscar for Best Actress. The film also boasts some gorgeous cinematography, a fantastic musical score, an amazing direction, pacing that while slow still never made me feel bored while watching it, really thought-provoking themes, many disturbing and shocking moments that were a lot darker than I expected, some beautiful locations that are so pretty to look at, and a story that kept me engaged throughout the whole movie. I didn't know a lot about Princess Diana going into this movie so that made me even more engaged with what was going on. I will say that the movie has a couple of moments that were a bit too slow for me and there is one reveal that happens at the end of the movie with a certain character that I did eventually predict would happen but those things in no way ruin this film. Overall, Spencer is a fantastic film that I highly recommend checking out if you haven't done so already. Expect this one to be a pretty big awards contender and hopefully, it gets some wins because it really does deserve a couple of them.

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