Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Portrait of a Lady on Fire ★★★★

A truly amazing example of filmmaking. I really wanted to love this film and while I think it's really good I didn't quite think of it as a masterpiece like everyone else is. I'll get the problems out of the film because there are only a few. The story did go into some places that I could see coming and the pacing in some certain scenes did feel really slow for me. The film takes its time and it's a slow-burn and while I was with the film for a good chunk of the running time there were a few moments where I was starting to doze off. Thankfully I didn't fall asleep but the fact that I almost did is a huge problem. However everything else about the film I just amazing. The story while did go in some predictable places was really engaging and well-told, the cinematography is stunning with so many gorgeous shots, the musical score is phenomenal, the direction is amazing, the editing is brilliant, the dramatic moments are powerful and very strong, the film pops out with so much detail in the colors and the lighting makes the film so beautiful to look at, there are some truly disturbing and uncomfortable moments that really worked for me, the themes are very thought-provoking and will have me thinking about it for quite a while, and the acting is stellar from everyone especially from the actresses. They all did a wonderful job with their roles but it's Noemie Merlant and Adele Haenel who steal the show in this film. Not only do they deliver such powerful performances but they also have terrific chemistry with each other making the film a pretty powerful romance story that has some pretty heart-breaking moments. So while I don't love this film quite like a lot of people do I still really enjoyed it. I will definitely watch it again in the future to see if I like it better and if my few problems with the film go away. If you haven't watched this yet then please go and see it. It really is a beautiful film and a true accomplishment in filmmaking even if it's not the greatest film ever made.

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