Pig ★★★★½

When I first heard about this movie I honestly thought it would be your typical dumb Nicholas Cage movie and nothing else especially considering the title. It just sounded like it was going to be a movie where Nicholas Cage is trying to get his pig back but shows a bunch of blood and over-the-top violence. Then when the reviews came in and people were saying how good the film was I knew that I was wrong about what I thought before and after watching the movie I can say that I was glad about being wrong because this film is just fantastic. The story is very engaging, the cinematography is gorgeous, the musical score is great, the direction is amazing, the editing is solid, the pacing is slow but never made me feel bored or tired, there are some really sad and effective emotional moments, the themes are thought-provoking and challenging, the screenplay is filled with so many great lines, and the performances are stellar from everyone with Nicholas Cage giving probably his best performance that I've ever seen from him. The fact that his performance is very subdued also showcases how Nicholas Cage can be such a good dramatic actor. As much as I do love the crazy roles he does I will still prefer his dramatic roles because I think he does so much better in these types of movies. If I did have an issue with the film it would be that I still don't fully understand some of the themes the film has. I did get some of them and they are handled really well in the film like the loneliness and loss aspects but I did feel like I needed to see the film again or watch videos talking about the film's themes to fully understand them better but that doesn't ruin the movie in any way. Pig is still a very sad and dark film that doesn't play out like many people think it would. Don't expect a John Wick-style movie with Nicholas Cage with this one. Just go in expecting a different kind of Nicholas Cage movie but still one that treats its audience with respect and cares about giving them a great movie. Absolutely check this film out if you haven't already and I hope Nicholas Cage does more movies like this in the future along with Michael Sarnoski who was one hell of a future ahead of him after making this movie.

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