Nobody ★★★½

Well, that was another great time at the movie theater. The movie I wouldn't necessarily call great but it was one hell of a fun time. The story is pretty well-told, the cinematography is good, the musical score and soundtrack are great, the direction is fantastic, the editing is solid, the pacing is excellent and I was never really bored, the characters are all likable, funny, and entertaining to watch, the humor can get some good laughs, there are many suspenseful and shocking moments, the performances are amazing from everyone with Bob Odenkirk doing a fantastic job in the main role and proving that he can be a great action star, and the best thing about this film is the action scenes. They are just phenomenal. From the amazing fight choreography, the bloody violence, the shockingly funny moments, and how intense it all is they were so worth watching on the big screen. Not in the levels of Godzilla vs. Kong but still really good and fun to watch. However, the movie does have a couple of problems. The story itself while told well is pretty easy to guess what would happen and the humor while still funny wasn't as funny as I thought it would be. Overall though I still had a great time with this movie. It's another movie you go to the theater to just to have fun and it gives you exactly what you would want. Also, it is much better than Hardcore Henry and I hope the director Ilya Naishuller can continue to improve his craft after this movie because I would love to see where this guy would go in the future. If you're an action guy or a fan of movies like John Wick then you will really enjoy this film. I wouldn't exactly say that it's worth risking your life to see it in theaters but if you feel safe enough to go then it's a very good movie to watch in the cinema.

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