Encanto ★★★★½

Along with House of Gucci, I also went and saw Encanto today. I was pretty tired going into this film especially after watching House of Gucci. So I was really hoping that this film would keep me awake and it certainly did. Encanto was such a great movie to see in a theater and with a pretty packed audience. Out of all the animated or kids-related movies I've seen this year this one is by far the best. Raya and the Last Dragon already was a great effort from Walt Disney Animation Studios this year but Encanto was even better than that film. It does have a few little issues but the great stuff about this film totally blows the problems out of the water and I really want to talk about the good stuff right now so I'll list all of those things first. The story is really well-told, the musical score is fantastic, the songs are upbeat, great, and a lot of fun to listen to, the characters are all likable, funny, and memorable, the visuals are gorgeous to look at, the humor is really strong and got many good laughs out of me, there are many sweet and charming moments, the way the film handles its themes are done very well, the emotional moments are really effective, sad, and incredibly heartbreaking at times while also tugging at your heartstrings in some scenes, and the voice acting is stellar from everyone with Stephanie Beatriz being the mains standout of the whole movie as Mirabel. She basically carries the whole movie but she is so entertaining and fun to watch that I was completely fine with that but the rest of the voice cast was also great in their roles. However, the best aspect of this film is the animation. As with most of Disney's animated films, it looks absolutely gorgeous. From the character designs, the amount of color used, the beautiful visuals, and the many different gifts that each of the characters has to do some really creative and imaginative things it all looks so pretty. Another great achievement by the animators at Walt Disney Animation Studios for creating another gorgeous movie to look at. Unfortunately, though the movie isn't perfect as it does have a couple of issues. The story can be predictable at times and the songs while are fun and really well-done aren't as memorable as some of the other animated Disney films. I get that it's pretty difficult to top a lot of the other songs in Disney animated movies but when you get Lin-Manuel Miranda to write the songs you would expect them to stand out a bit more. It's probably just me but that's how I felt about the songs despite them still being very good and fun by themselves. So overall I really did enjoy Encanto. It's not the best Disney animated film out there but it still offers a lot of charm, a lot of laughs, and a lot of heart that is known to be expected with the studio's movies. I would absolutely recommend checking this movie out in a theater and if you wanna take your family to see a movie this weekend then this is a great option for them. Not saying that many of the other movies out in theaters right now are bad but just comparing to what really is the perfect movie to watch this Thanksgiving weekend they don't compare to how Encanto is. Hopefully, the movie does well at the box office and more people end up seeing it in the coming weeks.

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