Donnie Darko

Donnie Darko ★★★★½

What a weird, original, different, and creative film. The story is well-told, the musical score is amazing, the cinematography is beautiful, the style is very creative, there are some really creepy moments especially towards the end of the film and the acting is really good for the most part especially from Jake Gyllenhaal. For one of Gyllenhaal's earliest acting roles, he did an amazing job. My only problem with the film is that the story sometimes goes through some predictability. There are some cliches that are annoying and do take some of the originality away from the film. However, that doesn't damage the already amazing film. Even if you are the tiniest bit curious I would still recommend watching it just for the cinematography and Jake Gyllenhaal's performance. Seriously I've have never that many good movies with Gyllenhaal in a row. I really hope that streak continues.

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