Cinderella ★★

I know I'm kind of late on this one but I finally watched the new Cinderella movie released on Amazon Prime. I was honestly pretty curious to check this film out mainly just to see how different this interpretation of Cinderella would be. Then the trailer came out and a bunch of people said that it pretty much looked like crap. The reviews certainly didn't help either and that did keep me away from this film but today I decided to finally watch it just to see for myself if it really is that bad and, to be honest, it really wasn't the atrocity that many are saying it is. The movie still is bad and has a lot of problems but I can't bring myself to say that I hated it because I already kind of knew what I expected going in. I'll get the few good things out of the way because I actually did like some things about this movie. The musical score is fine, some of the songs are alright, the costume and production design are nice to look at even though there's nothing really groundbreaking, and some of the actors I actually did like. Some of the few standouts are Idina Menzel as the Stepmother and Camila Cabello as Cinderella herself. They aren't great but I can tell they were trying here. I'll even say that with most of the other actors who probably are trying to be entertaining. I'll also give the credit to the movie for not following the traditional Cinderella story. It actually does have some new things about it. However, even with that, it doesn't save the movie from all the problems it has. The story while doesn't follow the exact same Cinderella story is still really predictable and boring, the characters are bland, uninteresting, and undeveloped, the direction isn't that great and feels very standard, the humor is really bad and I didn't even laugh once, most of the songs are forgettable and also auto-tuned like crazy which is incredibly distracting, and the CGI on the animals isn't very good and I literally have no idea why I had to watch the head of James Corden on the body of a mouse screaming for a solid 5 or 10 seconds. Did someone get stupidly drunk and write that part in? That is certainly what it feels like but it wasn't even funny. I only chuckled once during this movie but that's about it. The rest of the humor just falls flat and can even be annoying at times. Also, why couldn't this just be a fully original musical? We don't need to have pop or rock songs in a Cinderella movie? I get the movie is trying to be a more modern version of the Cinderella story but it doesn't mean you get to shoehorn in all the pop songs and rapping that you will easily forget about and is only there just to pander to the lowest common denominator. Overall the 2021 Cinderalla is without a doubt a bad movie. I don't think it is awful and I could tell there was effort put into this movie but instead of feeling like a Cinderella movie that is made by someone who has a passion for the story it just feels like a product to make money. Guess it was a good thing this wasn't released in theaters because I can very easily see this film flopping due to all the negative buzz and reviews surrounding it. Anyway unless you are that curious to watch this movie I wouldn't really recommend watching this movie. If you want an actual good movie version of Cinderella just stick to either the animated Disney film or even the live-action remake of that film. At least you won't have to see James Corden making a dick joke thinking it is hilarious when in reality it is just another poor attempt at making you laugh.

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