Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure ★★★★

A really funny and enjoyable comedy. The story is pretty well-told, the cinematography is good, the musical score is amazing, the soundtrack is awesome, the humor is really effective and funny which mostly comes from the historical figures in the film, and the performances are great from everyone especially from Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves who really make this film what it is. Even with all of those things, the film can't get away from having some problems. The main story is predictable, some of the humor doesn't work, and a lot time travel stuff in the film doesn't really make sense. However, it is the kind of film where it can get away with it because it has so many things that are going on that I really am enjoying and clearly a lot of other people are enjoying it too. So as a whole I think that this film is great. It's definitely doesn't make that much sense and it is really stupid and dumb at times but it is just really funny and too clever to turn down. If you haven't seen the film yet or if you're looking for a fun teen comedy with a lot of laughs then you will really enjoy this film.

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