Tommy Boy

Tommy Boy ★★★

This was my first time view and this was a lot of fun. Boy, as with John Belushi and John Candy I really wish Chris Farley was still with us. He really was a talent. He is missed.

Everyone but me knows this film so I won't go into it too much.

Highlights for me included Tommy's character. It is just so out there and over the top. His relationship with his dad's assistant David Spade is also great. The way they bicker back and forth but have enough time to share singing along with a classic on the radio. Fun stuff.

The scene that made me laugh the most was Tommy trying to change in the small airplane restroom. Brought tears to the eyes.

Brian Dennehy, Bo Derek, Rob Lowe & Dan Akroyd round out the cast and are all fine.

This is one of those comedies from the 90's that start out crazy, drops a challenge, wackiness ensues and then all is wrapped up in a happy ending.

It's just a fun movie...Fun, fun, fun.