The Magician's Elephant

The Magician's Elephant ★★★½

First of all Netflix, please do a better job at promoting your animated films. Now I haven't read the book of the same this movie is based on by Kate DiCamillo so this review will based around it's own merits. With that being said The Magician’s Elephant while an entertaining film has a lot to be desired.

Let me just say the animation is just OUTSTANDING here. The film is clearly 3D but clearly merges 2D elements. Not to mention the amount of detail is impressive. The film also has a good use of colors to convey the mood. The characters are endearing all go through relatable arcs and the solid voice acting gives it a big boost. I also liked how it was multicultural.

Sure this film follows a lot of story beats that have been used before. But the biggest issue this film is that it could have used more scenes with certain character elements to give it that punch this film needed. But with that being said, this film is not half bad.

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