John Wick: Chapter 4

John Wick: Chapter 4 ★★★★★

In my review of John Wick 3, I said "Let's see if John Wick 4 keeps up its winning streak." and I am glad to say that John Wick 4 has kept that streak up. Not only that, but this film ended the series on a very high note and has the honor of being the first movie of 2023 to recieve five stars from me!

This film contunies the franchise's good qualites with even more impressive and inovative action scenes and stakes that even higher now. It was also very clear the film took inpirastion as well as paid tribute to classic action movies. I also liked how thought provaking this movie was and was caught off guard by how emmotinal it was.

The cast do a good job. Keanu Reeves is at his best here and the film had a great deal of new deal of new characters. The standout was Donnie Yen as the appropriately named Caine whose dynamic with Wick was entertaining. Plus Bill Skarsgård was a great villiain. Overall, John Wick 4 was a great ending to the main series.

~In Memory of Lance Reddick (June 7, 1962 – March 17, 2023)~

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