Finch ★★★★

I didn't know what to think of this movie going in but seeing that it the always amazing Tom Hanks was a good sign, plus my parents were interested in seeing in the film so I decided to watch it with them on Apple TV+. Made the right choice.

While the film is certainly nothing original (the film reminded me of films like Wall.E and other post apocalyptic movies) but this movie was just so well made and poignant that I just can't hate on it!

The relationship between Ton Hanks' Finch the robot brought to life by Caleb Landry Jones motion performance felt very genuine.

The film looks nice providing great cinematography of the world.

The film has a bit of a slow burn in the first act but thankfully things pick up in the second and third act.

Overall Finch is a solid film that is poignant and wholesome.

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