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  • Andor: A Disney+ Day Special Look

    Andor: A Disney+ Day Special Look


    Andor for me didn't start of do well but as the series progressed things got better. Easily the best thing about this show is that it expanded more on the events leading up to Rogue One. On the topic of Rogue One it's nice to see these characters again.

    One thing I also really appreciate this series for is that it adds more political commentary- something that the newer Star Wars was lacking. See what made the original trilogy and…

  • Strange World

    Strange World


    Alright, Disney's first animated feature film with their 100th anniversary logo opening. Strange World is a strange film for sure. I wanted to like this film as I like those "Lost World" type movies. But sadly this film while loaded with potential was left to be desired.

    I'll give credit the voice acting is solid, the soundtrack is decent, and the animation is outstanding- like seriously this some of the best animation ever. The nods to old adventure comics were…

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  • Jurassic World Dominion

    Jurassic World Dominion


    please read my second review: letterboxd.com/razorrex/film/jurassic-world-dominion/3/

    And be sure to check out my review of the extended cut:

    I was looking forward to this movie for various reasons: dinosaurs running wild worldwide, new and old dinosaurs, the original trio returning, Lewis Dodgson's return (even though he was going to be played by a different actor), and so on. Now that I've seen the film what are my thoughts? It's a great conclusion to the Jurassic series.


  • Free Guy

    Free Guy


    This movie is not good, it's great!

    Free Guy was very well made with visual effects and sets that had a lot of effort put into them. The humor for this film never disappointed. The best jokes being towards the end. As a gamer I could relate to the jokes and jabs at scummy gaming companies was a nice touch. Not to mention the cast was very entertaining. But the best thing about this movie was very well written and empowering message! Free Guy is a film that shows that everyone is special no matter what!