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  • Behind the Screen

    Behind the Screen


    This is a very nice Mutual short from Chaplin, maybe I'm biased because I like the movie studio setting and the gags that ensue, anyway its always active and the gags are larger and more complex, the story is almost irrelevant as well as the cast, but they all do their jobs and get Chaplin going. He is the best at what he does and he is learning fast, I think maybe he is pressured in time, that's why he hasn't looked much into the story. Some falls are so extreme I wonder if they hurt themselves.

  • A Thief Catcher

    A Thief Catcher

    This actually was a pretty bad short film. The main actor is just ridiculous in a horrible way. The hair and hat standing tricks are just too dumb. So yeah, Chaplin looks great in the baggy police uniform, but it just lasts a few seconds.