The Empty Man

The Empty Man ★★★★½

“does your brain ever itch?”

are we any more real than the idea of us in the collective consciousness? are our lives any more than stories told amongst one another when we're not there?

i’ve never seen a movie so confident in itself. a masterclass 20 minute cold open followed by 2 hours of gut wrenching dread. some great scare sequences and fun (scary) existential ideas at play. shades of j horror, creepypasta, cosmic horror, and analog horror here make this a scary and tense concoction. the haunting power of collective consciousness and storytelling. this movie *feels* epic and grand even though it's relatively small scale. great stuff here, although i’m not sure i’m a fan of how it all wraps up.

watch it before it's gone forever! the real horror is media preservation in the era of streaming services!

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