Zodiac ★★★★

Dramatised account of the manhunt for American serial killer; ‘Zodiac’. Told from the perspectives of the various detectives chasing him, the journalists covering his crimes, and a newspaper cartoonist obsessed with solving the enigma.

A fascinating mystery / thriller from David Fincher. Meticulously crafted, with a remarkable sense of detail. As such, the recreations of the crimes feel horribly real. Stylishly photographed, its a tremendous showcase of visual filmmaking - with key pieces of information thoughtfully introduced, framed, and often masterfully withheld. Carefully connecting the story, ratcheting the tension, escalating the obsession. 

Gyllenhaal’s central character balances wide eyed naïveté and helplessness with steely determination. It’s superb casting, aided by an excellent supporting ensemble. Each character, and they world they inhabit feels real. While the mystery of the killer’s identity remains unsolved, the story points a finger directly at one of the suspects. The evidence suggests it’s him, and yet he eludes to strike again - offering a fascinating glimpse at the machinations of the procedural. A climactic silent exchange between Gyllenhaal’s ‘Graysmith’ and presumed Zodiac ‘Leigh’ (Lynch) is as cathartic as it is utterly unnerving.

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