The Northman

The Northman ★★★★★

The Fast and the Fjord-ious.

Historical epic from Robert Eggers, based on the legend of 'Amleth'. A beautifully assembled tale of revenge - blending folkloric influences and intimate exchanges, with moments of raw and savage violence. We follow Viking prince 'Amleth', as he embarks upon a bloody journey to avenge the death of his father. At times delicate, at times primal. Impeccably presented and well paced, boasting an array of well-executed set pieces, a stellar cast, superb photography, detailed sets, and a stirring score (no Heilung?). Well performed across the board, it is Skarsgård who truly shines - a vulnerable one-man-army. Themes of vengeance, cyclical violence, slavery, purpose, identity, humanity, brutality, deception pervades. A true accomplishment.

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