Horse Girl

Horse Girl ★★★

Lonely introvert 'Sarah' (Brie) spends her life on a cyclical routine of working a retail job, visiting her mother's grave and attending the stable where a horse she once owned is located. Immediately following her birthday, Sarah begins to experience strange occurrences…

Interesting psychological drama. The boundaries of Sarah's reality blur, as the story unravels - is Sarah really experiencing time distortions, alien abduction, cloning… or is it all in her mind? A climactic scene involving a co-worker only underlining the ambiguities. The convoluted nature can be confusing and somewhat laborious - as the viewer essentially experiences the chaos directly from the perspectives of Sarah and those close to her. A fairly messy, and meandering affair. Brie elevates the proceedings with a terrific and gutsy central performance of a woman whose life and mind is spiralling.

Streamed via Netflix.

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