Evil Dead II

Evil Dead II ★★★★★

Lovers Ash and Linda vacation to a remote, woodland cabin. They discover an audio recording, which unleashes a horde of demons / spirits. 

Supernatural horror sequel / remake. Manic, silly, surreal, kinetic, gory, horrifying and often hilariously funny. Significantly upping the ante from the previous film, benefitting from its filmmakers being more experienced and from an increased budget. The practical effects are joyously executed (love that janky stop-motion), and the sound design is on point. Loaded with creeping atmosphere, iconic one-liners, gushing violence, beautifully timed slapstick comedy and a knock-out performance from Campbell in the central role. It’s thin on character depth, loaded with clunky exposition and saggy in the middle (aren’t we all?) - though nevertheless a wildly inventive, campy, grisly ride. Superb.

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