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It was beautiful to finally write that title in Docs when starting this review but that was about the only thing I could write until I came up with this excuse of a review. Well, don’t mean to sound like that because I wanna take the time to remember my grandma who died when I was 10 which was 9 and a half years ago. I wish I got to know her better. My grandpa said she was extremely knowledgeable about everything, politics, cultures, languages, art and every small bit of information. To me it has always seemed like he knows everything and to think she was the one more aware of the world is wild. I didn’t know her but I remember little things. She was always so polite, standing next to the stove when others sat down to eat claiming she was fine, “you just sit there”. But she was a strict wife to my grandpa and it was funny for us kids when she scolded him. I remember her cane, she had rheumatism, and that she went to the balcony to smoke which my grandpa always made funny remarks about. She was caring like most grandmas seem to be but she was so widely respected in our family for her personality. Although that didn’t always apply to every instance. She was also a hockey enthusiast and my mom told me years ago about this instance where they were at a hockey game and she apparently started yelling and flipping off the rival fans which to me seems so absurd that I can’t help but laugh to that image in my head.

So even though I didn’t know her I was devastated about her death. The reaction wasn’t instant because I was 10 so I don’t think I had fully understood what had happened. But a week from that when I went to school the first time since, I broke down in the hallway. That was the first time someone close to me had died and I haven’t had a reaction like that to anything before or after. At her funeral our family played her favorite hymn which is the same one that is sung at Finnish schools before summer break and for years there wasn’t a single time when I didn’t tear up.

I think she meant more to me than I thought as a child.

She loved The Godfather. She loved this film to pieces. I now own her DVD collection which is a privilege. My mom told me she cited this film quite a bit and enthusiastically went on about the characters, the world and techniques for long time. I don’t think she was what some would call a cinephile. She just loved The Godfather which is not a unique thing in this world. But anytime I think, see, hear or talk about these films it always makes me think of her and that is a gift especially now that it’s been so long and I’m no longer sad when I think of her. There’s nothing I can write about these films that hasn’t been said better. I’ve accepted they are masterpieces from the day I heard my mother talk about them and my grandma.

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