Blind Spot

Blind Spot ★★★★½

Helsinki Films Fest #4

Fucking train wreck of emotions, one of the most powerful films in a long time. These type of films can be very different experiences as it relies on feelings and how exposed you are to them. I couldn’t stop crying after the first 20 minutes but I also heard people laughing when it was over (probably not to the film but still, I felt like I couldn’t do anything after it was over, bad day for double screening). It is hard for me to analyse this film so I’ll just put out few thoughts I was able to come up in the evening.

The acting carries this film and Pia Tjelta just fucking kept that scene going at the start.

The simple story allows this to be technically fascinating. The idea of 98 minute one take is already ambitious but it works extremely well with this story. There is nothing unnecessary and the still frame allows the actors do their job. The sound design hit me on multiple occasions. Often sound design isn’t that noticeably but the emphasis it had when it mattered was shocking.

The build up seems vital in retrospect and it was a nice touch to emphasize the girls similarity with their clothing, likes and dislikes. There were minor differences though in the way they reacted to things with Tea being a little more positive or supportive rather than criticizing.

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