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  • The Departure

    The Departure


    ”A dog is a dog and a car is a car…”

    I'm convinced this was shot in a week with no real script. Skolimowski simply hired Jean-Pierre Leaud and allowed him to roam free like a rabid dog while capturing some of the most beautiful imagery of the 60s. Leaud goes off the rails in this. He laughs and shouts like a maniac in every other scene, fights at least three people, runs into a pool in the middle of…

  • Stalker



    David Conner recommended I start my voyage into Tarkovsky from this (well, I’ve seen Andrei Rublev what feels like ages ago) so here we go continuing the scifi kick with one of if not the most daunting entry in the genre.

    I don't know how valid the interpretation of Stalker as a journey deep into one's mind is since external factors such as landscape and industrialization, society's control and push, nuclear threat, and religion are so present in the film,…

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  • Blue Collar

    Blue Collar


    The US, to my knowledge, has the most violent history of working class movements. Because it has been perceived as the capitalist lion's den since its foundation, this would make sense even without the facts to back that up. Schrader dives deep into the violence, paranoia, desperation, opportunism, corruption, and exploitation of and by the betrayed worker whose family's moderate wellbeing (existence) depends on the next paycheck. Blue Collar comprises themes Uncle Paulie would go to explore in different settings…

  • Days of Wine and Roses

    Days of Wine and Roses


    Starts off by keeping the drinking on the fringes, planting a background for the relationship of Joe and Kirsten and observing the reasons one might have for drinking. Mediocrity and apathy toward your job and your own dubious morals; social gatherings where you convince yourself you’re doing what you have to to climb the corporate ladder but the drinking ends up hurting more than helping; loneliness, staying home in mind-numbing silence only interrupted by the cries of your kid. Only…

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  • A Woman Throwing on a Shawl

    A Woman Throwing on a Shawl

    I dont know why I log these but whatever

  • The Grand Budapest Hotel

    The Grand Budapest Hotel


    My 1000th log and approximately 250th review after 11 months on this site. The community has been such an inspiration for me in finding new movies to watch and how I perceive them. Every person I follow almost always writes something that resonates with me. I'm impressed how you find things I hadn't considered and your observations make me excited to discover new films and make this hobby last my whole life. During periods like these when I have very…